Ande Hambuchen

Ande Hambuchen

Andrea "Ande" Hambüchen  (Hahm-boo-shyen) 'A True Artisenne'

Since her early professional years in Cologne, California, then Paris and Barcelona, Ande Hambüchen’s multicultural vision brought forth a spirited and unconventional design aesthetic which would blossom fully during her seventeen years in NYC and in Santa Fe, her current home.

Her passion for leather and her artisanal touch led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she created exquisite, playful and original handbags, jewelry, footwear and other leather goods.

She was awarded the Kenneth Cole Footwear Scholarship for her experimental and ingenious designs.

Ande enhanced her creative vision by studying photography at the Center for the Media Arts in NYC.

As an editor for German magazines Ande worked with known fashion photographers in NYC. That's the time when her love for makeup art  started, using makeup on the body instead of paint on a canvas. 

Her endless travels through Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Asia inspired chic and culturally unexpected designs. Ande’s wealth of experiences makes her a natural for the vibrant NM movie industry where she has worked for the past eight years. Her credits include Breaking Bad, The Lone Ranger and Scoundrels. 


Ande has amassed a diverse and certainly odd & goofy roster of experiences:

  • Graduate of the Arizona Cowboy College 
  • Bungee jumped off the Manhattan bridge in NYC in the middle of the night and successfully avoided  getting arrested
  • As a young teenager sailed with her dad from Belgium to England on their boat. At the stern by herself in fog and choppy waters while her dad is napping in cabin below
  • Rode ponies bareback as a four year old
  • As an 11 year old  ‘outfished’  all the Men on board a deep sea fishing trip off the coast off Ireland
  • Is studying East Indian Temple Dance and Hindi
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • and of course loves Social Media!



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